Golden Dolphin
Charter this vessel as your next your hydrographic test platform.

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  • Lab Space

Research Vessel - "Golden Dolphin"

Description 75 Wood/Fiberglass Vessel
1967 Drake Craft built in Oxnard, California.
Equipped for Hydrographic Survey, Fisheries Research, and/or transporting live fish in circulating sea water tanks.
Length 75 feet (22.7 m) overall  
Beam 22.5 feet (6.9 m)  
Draft 6.5 feet (2.0 m)  
Speed, Cruising 10 knots  
Range 1000 mile (1609 km)  
Fuel Consumption 22 gallons/hr (83 liters/hr)  
Main Power Two Cummins Diesel Engines, Each 525 hp  
AC Power One 33 kW Northern Lights Generator, 240 VAC Single-Phase  
  One12 kW Northern Lights Generator, 240 VAC Single-Phase  
  One 4 kW Trace Inverter

Navigation Equipment:

Tanks for Live Fish One 3800 gallon tank  
  Two 550 gallon tanks  
  Circulating sea water is provided by two 5 hp electric pumps, and one 3/4 hp electric pump  
Deck Equipment 1.5 ton Hydraulic Crane for equipment handling and temporary overboard mounting of transducers  
  Cable winch/overboard boom used for dropping instrument packages. 1640' (500 m) coaxial cable with slip rings. 500 lb (22.7 kg) working capacity. May also be used with standard wire rope.


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“The Golden Dolphin is an ideal platform for testing new equipment and for charters.  The galley, living space, bunk room, and work area are very comfortable and efficient.  I do not hesitate in contracting the Golden Dolphin when my work fits its capability.”  
Stan Tomich
Sr. Engineer, NOAA/NMFS